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What are Assisted Living Services ?

What are Assisted Living Services

There are different types of senior living facilities that offer different services which are different from each other, but for the purpose of this article, we will focus on Assisted Living Services. Now the question is what is an Assisted Living facility? These facilities are housing or communities that are designed for older people who want or need various levels of medical or personal care.

The living spaces can be individual rooms, shared quarters or apartments. The goal of this type of facility is to create a home-like setting and render professional home and medical services for the residents without taking away their independence. These services are offered to give the residents a helping hand with their daily activities.


Assisted Senior Living Services provides several levels of care, gradually tiered to accommodate the demands of all its occupants. Although the services provided by assisted living facilities are vast, some may limit their services to specific areas while others may offer additional services based on added cost. Listing below are some services that Assisted Living Facilities provide:

Dispensing Medication: A study in 2001 conducted by the Center for Excellence in Assisted Living discovered that an average assisted living resident took an average of 6.2 different medications on daily basis, and more than 80% needed help to manage their medication. Even if your senior loved one can diligently take his or her medications, A1seniorcare advisors can help you find an Assisted Living Facility that renders excellent medicine dispensation and management.

Assistance with Bathing: this is a challenge for kids and the seniors, falling in the bathroom is a regular accident that is likely to turn out fatal in homes, that is why assisted living facilities also provides this service to avoid accidents that may happen in the bathtub or shower. In 2009, the National Center for Assisted Living survey found that 64% of assisted living residents need this service.

Assistance with Dressing: Our senior loved ones often have the problem of wearing dirty clothes, dressing in-appropriately or choosing what to wear. No one wants to see his mum or dad looking shabby and that is why A1seniorcare advisors link you up with assisted living services that have staff dedicated to offer this service. In 2009, the National Center for Assisted Living survey found 39% of assisted living residents need this service.

Nutritional Management: this service is very vital because it helps to monitor nutritional deficiencies in the residents which usually goes unnoticed if they were to stay unattended to. Virtually every member of the assisted living community needs these services because there is always a change in diet as they advance in age.

Physical and Mental Assessments: while living in their home, simple signs and symptoms may not be attended to early enough to avoid any serious cases. Assisted living facilities help you to keep a close watch on your senior loved ones for early detection’s of irregularities in their physical and mental status.

Routine Skilled Medical Visits: even though the residents are not always having serious health issues, routine medical care is needed. So there could either be a resident doctor or nurse in the community or there could be a visiting doctor for their health challenges.

These are the core services rendered by assisted living facilities, there could be other services that are tailored to the needs of the occupants, but the important baseline is that assisted living facilities are for the seniors who don’t require any special or critical attention in order to perform their daily activities but just need an eye on them while they live their golden years of senior life.

If you still have questions about Assisted Living Services Call us at (425) 324-5592 today because A1 Senior Care Advisors can help you find the right Assisted Living Facility. We know that senior care is a sensitive topic that requires someone trustworthy to hold your hand through this confusing process…And at A1 Senior Care Advisors, WE ENSURE JUST THAT!

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