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Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities are homes for older adults who need help with their daily activities. This includes things like cooking, cleaning, and taking their medication. These communities also provide social activities and transportation to doctor's appointments. They are meant to help seniors live comfortably and receive personalized care.

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Learn why Assisted Living might be a good fit

What It Is

Assisted living facilities support seniors who need assistance with daily living, helping them stay independent in a safe environment. When elderly persons cannot perform vital activities alone, such as bathing, cooking, shopping, paying bills, and taking medications, staying at home may not be the most secure option.

Community Living

Assisted living facilities offer individuals shared living spaces designed to promote independence. Services vary by facility and assist residents with daily living.

Services often include:

Daily meals
- Monitoring and administration of medication
- Personal care, including dressing and bathing
- Housekeeping and laundry
- 24-hour emergency care
- Social and recreational activities
- Transportation

Questions to consider

-Why do I want/need to change my living arrangements?
-What daily activities do I need help with (bathing, dressing, toileting, eating, remembering medications)?
-How often do I need help?

Important consideration with Assisted Living Communities "ALs"

Very Important – ALL AL’s are called Assisted Living but they are very different from each other. It all depends on the type of licensing they have, which allows or DOES NOT allow them to provide certain services.

Example: stand by assist, one person helps with transfers, two people help with transfers or using mechanical devices for transfers (Hoyer Lift), regular or sliding scale insulin administration for diabetics, etc. If your loved one is a resident in an assisted living facility and requires a higher level of care, including the things mentioned above, if the facility is not licensed accordingly, the resident and their family will receive a 30-day notice to move out.

Our role in helping the families during the initial search process is to ask ALL the right questions and think ahead of possible care needs. We always want to make sure we help the families choose the best and most appropriate care facility.

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