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Navigating the confusing world of “Senior Care Living Options”

Senior Living Options

“When grace is joined with wrinkles, it is adorable. There is an unspeakable dawn in happy old age” … Victor Hugo.

Happy old age is what everyone looks up to, at A1 Senior Care Advisors, we understand how confusing and overwhelming senior living and care can be both for the seniors and their sponsors. To that effect we feel the need to enlighten and broaden your understanding of the different senior living and healthcare option that is accessible to you, hopefully, you will be able to choose the best way to navigate the confusing world of senior care living as it concerns your seniors.

Independent Living:

Just as the name implies, the beneficiaries are people who are very independent with only minor medical care. It is ideal for people who want to

  • Socialize
  • Enjoy an array of amenities including special meals on demand which they will pay for
  • Downsize from the big family home but are strong enough to live with little assistance.

Assisted Living Communities:

This facility houses seniors in private apartments, private rooms or in some cases shared spaces and renders a certain level of assistance to them. Many have communal dining, recreational areas, and transportation, laundry, and maintenance services. They can either be modestly or lavishly designed. This facility is ideal for you or your loved one if

  • You don’t feel safe in your house but do not require a high level of care
  • You feel more comfortable with a standby emergency response team
  • You find driving difficult
  • Want to socialize to the fullest while you can

Memory Care:

This type of facility always has well-structured and secured areas that prevent the residents from wandering off and the residents are catered for by trained personnel in their private or semi-private apartments. It is ideal for

  • People that have memory problems and need specialized assisted living.
  • People who need special wander management
  • People who need well-structured activities designed for the cognitive mind and physical challenges.

Nursing Homes:

This living facility provides a high level of care to their residents either in private rooms or shared rooms, it is ideal for you if

  • You are disabled or frail elderly and needs constant skilled assistance with things like feeding, going to the restroom or coming out of bed.
  • Require short term rehabilitative care like recovery from IV therapy, stroke, and cardiac rehabilitation, orthopedic rehabilitation, and recovery medically related hospitalizations.

Hospice Care:

This is for people in the final stage of an incurable disease, they aim to promote a quality life for the individual through rendering services that give relief for the disease with dignity, comfort, and luxury in the senior’s last days. It is ideal if

  • A loved senior has an incurable disease
  • Needs constant continued care

Respite Care:

some people call this adult day care, and their services only work during the day and they shut down in the night, this senior living facility is ideal for people

  • Who are caregivers and need a temporary break
  • That demand a “get acquainted” period for your loved one.


Yes, there are many options to choose from which will enable you to plan ahead of time, even if it is a sudden event that needs a rapid response, these options will help you to have stress-free navigation through the road of providing an adequate senior home for your loved ones. For more information and inquiries to this regard kindly contact A1 senior care advisors at 425-324-5592 for the best professional advice on senior living.

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