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How to Find The Best Assisted Living Community & Facilities?

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Old age is a gift that is given to few people, as we or our loved one’s advance in age and finally get old, they get to a point where they can no longer take proper care of themselves without needing some senior care. At that point, the idea is to find a senior living facility that you can call your new home, this is not an easy decision especially because the person in question may have become attached to his or her home.

Finding a reputable assisted living community can be a daunting task but because the happiness and safety of our loved ones are paramount, we must spend quality time in finding a good place that is suited for them and these are few steps to help you do that.

Determine the type of service you need

A simple way of doing this is by making a list of everything that you need help with at the moment, no matter how insignificant it is, then extend the list by writing down the things that you will need help with in the future. This list should include medication assistance, meal help, dressing, incontinence care, physical therapy, and exercise and any other custom requirement of your senior one.

When you have this written down, you can now go through and review the different assisted living facilities to see which ones offer the services that you need.

Make Safety a Priority

Safety of the facility cannot be overlooked, before you settle for any facility, take a look at the state records to determine the personality of the individuals living and working in the facility, then try to speak with the residents to determine if they actually feel safe in that community then take a look at their security policies and features.


Be thorough about this, you don’t want to run out of money while your senior relation is in the assisted living community, ask about the charges on specific services, and be aware of all the fees. It is also beneficial to combine fund sources like personal savings, Medicaid, long-term care insurance, and veterans’ benefits to finance the stay of your loved senior one in the assisted living facility.

Tour the Facility

Do not schedule a visit with the staff first, visit the facilities in your mind at your time to see the real operating standards of the facility. After that visit, you can now schedule to see staff, to determine the qualifications of the staff before they are employed, determine also the number of staff working there to be sure that they are not outnumbered by the residents. Then finally take your senior one along with you so that you will be sure that they are at home with the place.

Ask a Senior Living Advisor or choose one Facility

If you are too busy to do all these, simply seek the services of a senior living advisor, they are impartial agents that help individuals to make best choices, they can even do all the research and visits while you focus on other things. They can also use the information you have gathered to choose a suited facility for you.

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Important: The Advisors at A1 Senior Care Advisors have NO obligations or favor any particular Senior Care facility. We do a minimum of 2 years’ background check on every facility we recommend. Our goal is to find and recommend the Best and Most Appropriate care facility for your loved one.

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