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Are Pets Allowed at Adult Family Homes?

Pets at Adult Family Homes

Pets are like children to many people. They need to be cared for every single day, which means someone needs to give them food, water, and attention. One of the reasons many seniors do not want to transition to an adult family home or other type of senior living facility is they don’t want to leave their pet behind. This is why knowing if an adult family home allows pets is important.

The Benefits of Pets

Pets provide many physical and mental health benefits to people.

  • They lower blood pressure.
  • Reduce the risks of depression and loneliness.
  • Help people live in the moment.
  • Increase mobility.
  • Promote independence.
  • Decreases anxiety and pain.

Since seniors would greatly benefit from the above, pets are important to them.

When Seniors Lose Pets

While it can be devastating to lose a pet at any age, losing one as a senior can be quite harmful to the person’s health and well-being. Seniors can become depressed and lonely. This can lead to decreased independence, as they start to decline cognitively and physically because they no longer feel like doing what they used to do for their pet.

Pets provide seniors with a sense of worth. It gives them a reason to continue to live each day because after all, their cherished pet cannot live without them. When that is gone, many seniors give up.

Age-Related Issues for Seniors and Their Pets

Unfortunately, having a pet doesn’t stop the aging process. It simply makes the aging process easier to handle. This means that as seniors age and lose independence, they are less able to care for themselves and their pets. Of course, this means not only do seniors suffer but so do their pets.

Some of the ways age can impact the care pets receive are:

  • The senior can no longer bend down to place a bowl of dog food on the floor.
  • Walking is difficult, so the pet doesn’t receive daily exercise.
  • Forgetfulness is common as people age and that may mean the senior may forget to provide food and water.
  • It can become difficult to know when the pet is suffering and needs vet care.
  • The pet may not be able to get his owner’s attention to go outside to use the bathroom, and that can mean relieving himself on the floor. Since the senior isn’t able to clean the house as well as before, this means living in an unsanitary home.

All of this information shows seniors need pets but as they grow older, they find themselves being unable to care for themselves AND their pets. An adult family home that allows pets is the perfect solution for this situation.

Adult Family Homes Pet Policy

Every adult family home function independently. This means that some will allow pets. When looking for an adult family home for your older loved one, be sure to ask that question first. This will rule out potential homes that may not be right for your older loved one.

How We Help

We can help you find an adult family home that allows pets. A1 Senior Care Advisors offers FREE senior living finding services to seniors and their loved ones. To get started, contact us at 425-324-5592 to connect with a Senior Living Advisor. You can learn more about our services at www.A1SeniorCareAdvisors.com and see our 5 STARS Google reviews or LIKE us at www.facebook.com/a1seniorcareadvisors.

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