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AFH (Adult Family Home) Resident Information Sheet

Adult Family Home Resident Information

An AFH resident information sheet is an important document that every new resident in an adult family home receives before moving into the house. This sheet, which is usually several pages long, explains all of the services, operations, and facility regulations residents should know. The following will help you better understand this information sheet when you receive it.

About the Adult Family Home

The AFH resident information sheet may start with how the residence started. This includes the owner’s name, vision for the adult family home, and any other details pertaining to the start of the facility. This can help you understand why the adult family home is in existence and can set the foundation for all of the other information.

Licensing Information

All adult family homes are licensed by the state of Washington. This section will discuss what the facility had to do to achieve licensure. This is another important part of the document as it shows the training and experience in providing care to residents.


This section of the AFH resident sheet will detail all of the services offered to residents. While not all services may be rendered to all residents, they will be options and those who need them will receive them. Every resident is assessed to determine which services they need while living at the adult family home.

Resident Rules and Rights

All seniors will need to follow the rules of the adult family home and they have rights. State Regulations require all the AFH’s to have Disclosure of Services available to the public. Knowing what the rules are and the rights can prevent any issues with disagreements about what can and cannot be done within the home. These rules are not to make seniors feel as though they do not have freedom; it’s more about helping a group of people live in one home in peace and harmony, respecting and understanding ALL state regulations.

Payment Information

Information about the costs of the adult family home is included in this section. There will also be details on how to make payment. Many times, people have the payment drafted from an account to make it easier. How to do this will also be part of this section, or it will share who to contact to set that up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many AFH information sheets include a FAQ section because seniors and older loved ones often ask the same questions. Reading this part of the information sheet can help not only answer questions, but also provide additional information not covered in the rest of the document.

How to Get Started with an Adult Family Home

If you’re interested in learning more about an adult family home, seriously consider contacting A1 Senior Care Advisors. We work with many adult family homes in  Greater Seattle and the surrounding areas, so we’ve seen many AFH information sheets to help you answer all of your questions. The services of the Senior Living Advisors are free, so call 425-324-5592 now. For more information about A1 Senior Care Advisors services, go to www.A1SeniorCareAdvisors.com or visit and LIKE our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/a1seniorcareadvisors.

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