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7 Essential Questions to Ask Your Senior Living Advisor

Questions to Ask Your Senior Living Advisor

Hundreds of senior living options are available in the Greater Seattle area. Researching all of them would take weeks or months, and no one has time for that when trying to care for an older loved one plus other responsibilities. The good news is there’s a more straightforward way to find senior living options for your older loved one without researching all of them in the Greater Seattle area, and it starts with using a Senior Living Advisor.

Who is a Senior Living Advisor?

A Senior Living Advisor specializes in elder living options in the Greater Seattle. Not only does the person know the options thoroughly, but the person uses his experience and knowledge to match up the needs and desires of seniors with the most appropriate senior care option.

After matching a senior with one or more living options, the advisor facilitates the meeting between the senior, loved one(s), and new resident coordinator/care provider.

Questions to Ask a Senior Living Advisor

When speaking to a Senior Living Advisor, you may have many questions to ask, or you may not know what to ask. If you fall into the latter situation, the following questions can help you get started.

Question #1: What Is the Average Cost of Senior Living?

This question can help you determine what senior living option will be financially possible for you or your loved one. The advisor can provide ranges of cost for different living situations, such as senior assisted living facilities, retirement communities, adult family homes, group homes, Dementia/Alzheimer’s care and nursing homes.

Question #2: What Services Do Senior Living Facilities Offer?

Every senior living facility varies in the services they offer. Asking what services a facility offers can help you know if it will provide the services needed.

Question #3: Do Your Services Cost Anything?

Senior living advisors provide their services for FREE, but it’s always good to check to make sure.

Questions #4: Can You Set Up the Appointment?

It’s good to know if you’ll have to call the senior living options or if the Senior Living Advisor will set up the appointment for you, so you know what you should do next.

Question #5: What If I Don’t Like the Options You Choose?

This will give you an idea of how much help the Senior Living Advisor can provide. If you’re able to call back for more information later, you know you can keep using the advisor until you find the perfect place for your loved one.

Question #6: What Information Will You Need?

Knowing what information you need to gather will help you get the most out of using a senior living advisor.

Question #7: What Other Help Can You Provide?

Senior Living Advisors might have information for many other senior care services, so you may want to ask what other resources they may have that can help you during this time in your loved one’s life.

Call a Senior Living Advisor – Now!

You know what to ask a Senior Living Advisor, so give one a call at 425-324-5592. Our advisors can help seniors with elder care services in the Greater Seattle area and the surroundings. All services are completely FREE. Please visit www.A1SeniorCareAdvisors.com or take a look at our 5 STARS Google reviews. LIKE us at www.facebook.com/a1seniorcareadvisors

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