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Is Assisted Living Only for Seniors?

Is Assisted Living Only for Seniors

All of us agree that the world of senior living is a confusing one. Due to the increase in demand for assisted living communities, many people will like to have a better understanding of senior facilities, which warrants a simple questions i.e. Is assisted living only for seniors?

Assisted living facilities have experienced a significant growth in the number of residents they cater to because of aging combined with decline in personal and mental health of the senior citizens in the society. People in assisted living communities with mid health problems are offered a unique environment to live and enjoy the comfort of a home and socialize with their fellow residents, Additionally, if there is a need for medical attention, they are duly attended to by professional medical personnel.

According to the National Center for Assisted Living11% of the residents in assisted living facilities are less than 65 years of age, so we can safely say that not all residents of Assisted Living facilities are senior citizens. Some assisted living facilities serve the young adults who may have sustained an injury, have mental issues or have impaired cognitive functions that needs proper care and attention. They may not get this care and attention at home because of the busy schedule of their care givers. Their stay is not always permanent and can be for a particular length of time.

A typical assisted living resident is a senior citizen that has experienced a little decline in his or her health. This decline can be due to aging, illness or injury. This decline leaves them with the challenge of not performing some of their daily activities independently. The setting of assisted living communities and the level of medical assistance administered helps senior residents thrive in the company of their fellow residents who are suffering from similar challenges. Who is the

Typical Assisted Living Resident?

Assisted living facilities have residents of different ages and genders. According to the overview that was published by the national center for assisted living, it was discovered that:

Typical Resident: the typical resident in an assisted living facility are women. According to the report “a woman about 87 years old who is mobile, but needs assistance with approximately two to three activities of daily living. She would have two to three of the Top 10 chronic conditions.” This is the description of the typical resident in an assisted living facility.

Percentage Of All Residents By Age Groups:

In 2010, 54 percent of assisted living residents are 85 years or older; 7 percent are 75-84 years old; 9 percent of residents are between 65 and 74 years, and 11 percent are younger than 65 years old.

Gender – 74% of assisted living residents are female; 26% are male.

The number of Residents – a huge 735,000 people nationwide live in assisted living settings.

Activities of Daily Living – Thirty-eight percent of residents needed and received assistance with three or more needs.

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