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Is Assisted Living facility the right choice for your loved one?

Assisted living

It can be a difficult task to help an elderly family member find the right level of care and the right kind of living arrangements when they need some help. How do we evaluate the needs of our loved one at a time when there are so many choices?

One of the first options relatives and medical providers often look at is an assisted living facility.

Services provided by Assisted Living Facilities

Most seniors prefer to live at home for as long as they can, but sometimes that is not the best or safest choice.  An assisted living facility is an option.

  1. Assisted Living facilities are designed to help adults live as independently as they can for as long as they are able, while helping with the needs of daily living.
  2. The facility usually provide services like meals, monitoring medication, and helping with personal care like bathing or dressing.
  3. Other senior assistance can include help with housekeeping and laundry, transportation to doctor appointments and some medical services as well as around the clock emergency care.
  4. Most assisted living homes also see to social and recreational.
  5. A good assisted living facility helps the senior not only stay independent, but also active and engaged.

Asking the Right Questions

So how do you decide whether an assisted living arrangement is what your loved one needs:

  1. Why the residence needs to change?
  2. How often the loved one needs help with grooming, eating or remembering medications?
  3. What specific licenses does assisted living facility have because not all assisted living residences offer the same services, and the license dictates what services they can provide?
  4. Is the Assisted Living facility more than just a beautiful building?
  5. Do I really understand the complex world of multiple senior care options?

Role of a Senior Care Advisor

It’s a lot to think about, understand and research, which is why a senior care advisor can help:

  1. They know all the right questions to ask, how to think ahead to possible future care needs, and they can identify the best and most appropriate assisted living situations in the area you most need for your loved one.
  2. A senior care advisor will pick you up, drive you to tour facilities, help you with asking the right questions, and identify any red flags. For example, at A1 Senior Care Advisors we do an extensive two-year background check on any facility we recommend.
  3. After meeting with your senior care advisor, you will be able to visit the best and most appropriate assisted living centers to meet your loved one’s needs.
  4. They will hold your hand throughout the difficult process of navigating the sometimes confusing and complex world of senior care living and caring options.

Asking some of the questions mentioned above and talking to an experienced Senior Care Advisor can help you decide if an Assisted Living facility is the right choice for your loved one.

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