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In Home Care

In-home care services means that a trained worker provides care for seniors in their own home.

Healthcare worker or caregiver visiting senior woman indoors at home, helping her to walk.

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About In-Home Care

In-Home Care is when professionals provide supportive care in the patient's home. Caregivers may assist with medical treatment needs or daily activities. Home health care refers specifically to medical care provided by licensed healthcare professionals. Non-medical care, custodial care, and private-duty care refer to assistance from unlicensed professionals. In-Home Care for terminally ill patients may include hospice care, while patients recovering from illness or surgery may receive rehabilitative therapies.

Types of In-Home Care

In-Home Care mainly comprises licensed and unlicensed non-medical personnel, who help with daily tasks like bathing, preparing meals, and cleaning the home. These services allow individuals to stay at home instead of living in a facility. Such care is paid for privately by the client or family, known as "private-duty." It differs from home health care, which is task-based and funded by the government or insurance.

The Need For IHC

Home care services are changing as people want to stay independent as they age. Some government and insurance agencies are starting to fund it as an alternative to care facilities. It's also often cheaper.

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